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Rain Gardens & Trees

For many years, the group has been working towards the protection of the aquatic ecosystems of its territory in order to protect these habitats for species as well as for the human community so that they can be in good condition for years to come. The goal of the project is to maintain good water quality for the citizens and our environment by minimizing water runoff that carries pollutants into our waterways and to develop an action plan that will allow for the use of various methods that will promote infiltration and recovery of water in order to maintain good water quality in the region. We are committed to increasing awareness of freshwater issues in the region and possible actions to improve water quality.

An awareness campaign for the protection of fresh water will be organized by the group in order to educate people on the importance of rainwater harvesting, to encourage water infiltration in the watershed by planting trees and finally, to increase water absorption surfaces with the development of natural infrastructures on the territory such as rain gardens. Various communication tools (media, newspapers, presentations) will be used for the campaign. 

This project was undertaken with the financial support of :