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Vision H2O is proud to be involved in the development of several aspects of the community center of Cormier-Village, which is located at 645, Route 945 in Cormier-Village. Vision H2O is currently collaborating to create an Ecopark (photos) in the Acadian forest which is located just behind the center. The primary goal of the Ecopark is to raise awareness and educate the public on the importance of the diverse ecosystems of the region and to encourage their preservation.

A fauna and flora inventory was done by Vision H2O in collaboration with Roland Chiasson, biologist at Cape-Jourimain, in order to further are understanding on the site's biodiversity. This information was very important for the planning and development of the park's trailsand interpretation sites.

We invite you to come and discover the trails biodiversity (mushrooms) and coniferous trees of the Ecopark and join Club des Ami.e.s de la Nature du Sud-est.

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