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Aquatic ecosystems assessment and a community approach on climate change

For over 10 years, the group has worked on maintaining a healthy ecosystem and a good water quality for the safety of aquatic life and for all the communities in the Village of Cap-Pelé and the Rural community Beaubassin-est.

The main goal of this project is to study the watershed to determine the impacts of climate change on our water sources and develop an action plan. In addition, the group will develop a project which will explain the importance of reducing our greenhouse gas emissions, water consumption, our waste and energy consumption at a local level. This project aims to show the public that it is possible with the tools and knowledge to each do our part for our environment. 

Dune restoration

Climate change is a phenomenon that affects many communities. In recent years, the group has notice several places affected by climate change especially in coastal areas. The frequency and intensity of storms to the coast level has increased tremendously and has caused lots of damage. 

The group use some techniques such as transplant marram grass, install Christmas trees and snow fence in order to conserve and improve some degraded dunes. Some activities will educate and raise awareness of the importance of dunes and develop partnerships with community associations. 

Restoration and improvement of aquatic habitat in the Aboujagane River and Bear Creek

Since its beginning, Vision H2O has monitered the quality of the water annually to various sites. During field work, it was determined that the water quality of the Aboujagane River was very good for salmonid habitat. On the other hand, upstream of the river, some obstacles affect fish migration such as wood debris accumulation in a culvert. Trout and young Atlantic salmon (smolts) were identified by the group and by area residents in 2015. 

Last year, the group worked on cleaning, dismantling wood jams and restoring certain parts of the Aboujagane in order to improve fish habitat for salmonids and all aquatic communities in the river. The Aboujagane River is a habitat which plays an important role within the community. This site is often visited by anglers and many citizens take advantage of this wonderful river to practice many different outdoor activities. This project will benefit the New Brunswick wildlife, because it will allow the group to obtain a database on aquatic species in the river which the group will use to protect these species for future generations. 


The Aboujagane and Kouchibouguac rivers are the habitat of several aquatic species (Brook trout, Atlantic salmon, Freshwater mussels etc.). Vision H2O wants to increase awareness of the importance of protecting this environment by improving the walking trails near the Aboujagane River and at the Cormier Village Eco-Park. The group will organize activities such as presentations and signage. Educational workshops will be organized in addition to the development of informative materials to distribute to the public.

Habitat assessment for salmonids in the Tedish River


The Tedish River has the potential to be a healthy habitat for many aquatic species.This project aims to do an inventory of aquatic populations, analyze the quality of the water, study the vegetative populations and the substrate in the river. With this data, the group will be able to develop tools and awareness workshops for the population concerning the protection of ecosystems and aquatic species. 


Community Aquatic Monitoring Program (C.A.M.P.)

In collaboration with Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Vision H2O has participated since 2009 in the Community Aquatic Monitoring Program (CAMP). During the summer, six stations located along the coast of the Cap-Pelé and Beaubassin-est are sampled on a monthly basis. 


Beach Sweep


 Vision H2O organizes a beach clean up activity during which the community is invited to participate. This activity, managed by Gestion H2O, aims to raise awareness about the importance of preserving a healthy environment.

Cleanup at Emery Leger Beach (Summer 2016) and Community Clean-up Day (May 2016).



 Twice a year, the organization publishes a newsletter which aims at informing the population about the activities and the current projects. These publications also serve to inform the community about local environmental issues.

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