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New! March Break Workshop Rain Water Harvesting 

 Are you interested in learning easy ways to save water at home? If so, we invite you to participate to this free rainwater-harvesting workshop. This event will be a basic workshop-teaching participant on rainwater collection and conservation, the deviation of excess water and the many uses of surplus water. This workshop is for those who are concerned about water deterioration, the rising cost of water supply and want to promote environmental education in their community. During this workshop, we will provide information on how most of the rainwater collection can be completed by using 90% of recycled materials. 

All participants will receive a free barrel (200L) at the end of the workshop. 

Location: Ecopark Cormier-Village (Community Center) (645, Road 945, Cormier Village) 

March 5th 2018 at 1pm 

To register click here

For more information on rainwater-harvesting, go to the Facebook page Eco-Container Co. 

Thank you to the Environmental Trust Fund of New Brunswick. 

To promote physical activity, there will be a snowshoe walk (1 km) in the trails at 4 pm (weather permitting). Everyone is welcome. 

New! March Break Workshop Rain Water Harvesting