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The Village of Cap-Pelé and Beaubassin-est rural community watershed group Vision H2O is a registered charity located in Southeast New-Brunswick. In collaboration with local and regional stakeholders, Vision H2O works from an integrated water resource management approach, which is a coordinated, goal-directed process for controlling the development and use of rivers, lakes, oceans, wetlands, and other water assets. We plays an active role in many projects aiming to preserve our local environment. Environmental education is a key component of our mission. The group is lucky to work in collaboration with local organizations such as municipalities and other environmental groups.

Field Assistant (student summer job)

Skills required: Environmental knowledge or biology, resourceful, autonomy, teamwork, physical work and communication.

• To be eligible, student must have been registered as full-time student in the previous academic year and intend to return to school on a full-time basis in the next academic year.
• Have access to a vehicle.

Duration: 10 weeks (35 hours per week), $13.00/h
Location: Cap-Pele and Beaubassin-east Rural Community
Language: French, English

For more information, contact Vision H2O. Please send your resume by email at info@visionh2o.com


Since 2003, Vision H2O, the Village of Cap-Pelé and Beaubassin-est rural community watershed group works on various environmental projects to maintain a healthy ecosystem so as to conserve sufficient healthy water to provide for aquatic life and human communities. Water quality monitoring, habitats and aquatic species inventory, the development of an ecological park at the community center in Cormier-Village (Eco-park), environmental education and restoration of coastal dunes using Christmas trees are among the projects recently undertaken by the group.

Being a not-for-profit organization, the projects are funded by various programs like the New Brunswick Environmental Trust Fund and the New Brunswick Wildlife Trust Fund. However, the group is pleased to announce that it is now a registered charity. For the past years, the group, with the help of the community, has had many successful projects. Thanks to all the volunteers and community organizations for their participation in the various activities organized by the group. Please contact us if you wish to contribute to Vision H2O or for more information.



Vision H2O is proud to be involved in the development of several aspects of the community center of Cormier-Village, which is located at 645, Route 945 in Cormier-Village. Vision H2O is currently collaborating  to create an Ecopark (photos) in the Acadian forest which is located just behind the center. The primary goal of the Ecopark is to raise awareness and educate the public on the importance of the diverse ecosystems of the region and to encourage their preservation.

fauna and flora inventory was done by Vision H2O in collaboration with Roland Chiasson, biologist at Cape-Jourimain, in order to further are understanding on the site's biodiversity. This information was very important for the planning and development of the park's trails and interpretation sites. We invite you to come and discover the trails biodiversity (mushrooms) of the Ecopark. 


The Village of Cap-Pelé and the Beaubassin-est Rural Community adopted a strategic planning tool, the Green Strategy and assigned Vision H2O to lead its implementation. This plan, which is based on the principles of sustainable development, hopes to create viable and promising communities by making individuals more conscientious of the impact of their choices and actions on current and future generations. Download the document of the Green Strategy, its appendix and the achievements (201620152014, 2013, 2012, 2011) (french only).




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