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10 sunglasses myth may harm your family's vision
Blues Brothers from Tom Cruise in Risky Business, sunglasses have best wayfarer sunglasses become iconic American symbol of style and service attitude. However, wearing sunglasses not only look for "cool"; beyond the fashion statement, there are compelling medical reasons, for you and your family to wear a pair of shades. So why do we see so many parents and children outside, in bright sunlight, do not wear sunglasses? Most likely, it must best ray ban aviators be a lack of health information to ultraviolet (UV) radiation, sunglasses and eye. To help solve this problem, let us explore the 10 myths around these topics, and how it can help your family - and yourself - stay informed and healthy.

1. "sunglasses best price ray ban sunglasses just looks."

Yes, sunglasses can add a certain "cool factor" to your ensemble, but the real value lies in its use of sunglasses to protect properties. In particular, high-quality sunglasses will protect a devastating impact you and your child's eyes for a ray ban best seller long time exposed to the sun's ultraviolet rays. This is significant because such contact may eventually lead to serious eye diseases such as cataracts and macular degeneration.

2, "The only one to wear sunglasses when it's sunny outside."

Cloudy harmful ultraviolet rays can also exist as they would in a sunny day. best ray ban wayfarer In fact, it is entirely possible that the sun's rays do the most damage, when it rains or when the sun was setting. For this reason, when adults and children should wear their sunglasses outdoors and the sun came out, even if it was not hot outside or is cloudy.

3. "sunglasses just adults."

Whether they are playing outside in adjournment, hanging in the bus station best ray ban sunglasses for men or just enjoy a relaxing Sunday in the backyard, this is a fact that children spend more time exposed to the sun than adults. No matter where they are in the sun, the children need to protect the eyes from ultraviolet rays - they will not have this protection, unless you teach them that they not only carry sunglasses, but ray ban best sellers their eyes are exposed to the sun each time, to wear for extended periods of time.

4, "all shades provide 100 percent UV protection now."

Any real pair of sunglasses will provide some protection, but not necessarily 100 best ray bans for women percent UV protection, so check the label to see if you get completely or only partially guaranteed. Worse, there are other types of shades, sunglasses similar to goodwill and sincere, but it is not the real deal. They have impressive-sounding names such as "sun blocker" or "polarized glasses," but for you and your ray ban best sunglasses child the best policy is: no 100 percent UV protection, no purchase. Period.

5. "sunglasses label always accurate."

Unfortunately this is not the case, since it has been reported that some of the sunglasses are marked inaccurately. This is not to say that the label can not be trusted, but when in doubt, stick by reputable manufacturers, from one subject to the production and sale best ray bans for men of sunglasses source of widespread concern.